The Church of the Holy Spirit is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Easton on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The diocese includes the nine counties on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay. The diocese was started in 1868 and is currently comprised of 38 worshiping communities with an estimated 10,000 members served by 70 clergy.
The Chapel of the Holy Spirit was started as a mission summer house of worship in June 1968 by St. Paul’s by-the-Sea located in south Ocean City. The first service was celebrated by their Rector, Reverend William Dewees. The chapel held one service each Sunday morning during the summer until a second Sunday service was added in the summer of 1970.
As attendance increased, the Chapel of the Holy Spirit became a year round mission in 1985. A trailer was added in 1989 for the growing Sunday School. In 1990 a newly constructed Parish Hall was dedicated.
The Chapel of the Holy Spirit received official parish status in June of 1991 and became the Church of the Holy Spirit. As a result of consistent growth, additions were necessary for the church and parish hall in 1993.
The mortgage of the church and parish hall was paid off in 2005.
A 900 square foot kitchen, funded by parishioner donations, was built primarily by parishioners and completed in 2010.
The mission statement of The Church of the Holy Spirit is “Seeking Christ with Others while Sharing the Christ within Us.” The parishioners strive to embody that statement through their warmth, acceptance, compassion, and outreach.